Amazon’s Newest Content Strategy

What are Amazon A+ Content? Amazon A+ Content are an exclusive feature available only to amazon content sellers, which enables for an interactive, visual, engaging ASIN detail page for each product listed. With A+ content, a product description can now have more than just a plain text description, it may now include high-quality videos and multimedia photos along with eye-grabbing information to share the best product moment, and never…

How to Make Amazon A+ Content Product Page and Convert Better Than You Ever Thought Possible

How do Amazon A+ content work? With Amazon’s newly introduced Amazon A+ Content, each product listing includes a dynamic image gallery, highlighting the capabilities and features of the product. For example, when a buyer searches for “Marilyn Kline,” the top image gallery shows a photo of Marilyn Monroe, while under each photo is a different caption along with a short blurb about her life. The second image gallery shows a close up of Marilyn Monroe as she appeared in various iconic movie roles. This is essentially the same functionality as what would be found on any other major social media website, but as an exclusive feature of Amazon.

What does this mean for the consumer? It means that you, the consumer, are now getting much more than just plain text descriptions and listings. Along with the high quality videos and photos are engaging, entertaining content that will truly allow you to engage with your brand, Amazon a+ content really gives you one more way to distinguish yourself from the rest of your competitors. As consumers, we’re becoming more accustomed to seeing brand names in video form, and having the ability to instantly jump into a video featuring your product makes you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. Branding is all about perception, and the Amazon a+ content gives you a powerful way to differentiate yourself from your competition.

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