Hydro Excavation Services in Sydney

Hydro Excavation Sydney utilizes highly pressurized water in high pressure to quickly and easily liquefy soil to a slurry that is safe and easily removed by hydro excavation. It is an ideal nondestructive excavation service, making it exceptionally useful when working on trenching, pole holes, potholes, and underground utilities. This method of excavation has many benefits, such as: the elimination of the need for loads and equipment, the fast capture of any pre-existing voids, the accurate positioning and level of the newly excavated area, the elimination of the need for backfilling, the easy transfer and storage of material, the compactification and removal of any debris, the prevention of any surface erosion, and the prevention of the build up of compacted sediments. These are just some of the benefits of hydro excavation.


If you are looking to hire a hydro excavation Sydney professional company to take care of your hydro excavation Sydney needs, there are a number of companies in the greater Sydney area that can help you out. The most well known companies in this field are Blackburn Excavations, Blackall Contracting, Geotechnical Digging Systems, John Deere, Mooger Contracting, Pecton Construction, Remarkey Excavations, Sydney Excavators and Wollomombi Excavations. While there are other companies and individuals that are also licensed and have past experience in hydro excavation at Sydney, there is no reason why you should be in a rush when selecting one. Take the time to evaluate each of the potential contractors to make sure that they are experienced and fully qualified to handle what you need. After all, hydro blasting is used by a wide variety of industries from construction to plumbing, so it only makes sense that there would be a company that understands the best way to utilize this type of technology.


The most common reason that people hire hydro excavation Sydney professionals is to take advantage of hydro vacuums. With hydro vacuums, you can have a contractor blast away unwanted debris without having to create a massive mess on a minor site that is not equipped for hydro blasting. You also don’t have to wait for the soil to set or to have the contractor make a small hole and start the process. When using a hydro-vacuum excavation, there is no waiting or digging necessary because the entire operation is done above ground. This is perfect for companies that are required to have minimal site preparation.

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